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The term rape is a strong word with an even higher circumstance of self worth, self doubt, shame, death, ridicule, physical health and even mental health that the victim is normally left to deal with. The term sexual assault is perceived to be an overshadowed correlated term linking to rape; yet with confusion seems to either go unnoticed or selectively taken into account with it being one of the most leading issues in the world.

A torn comprehension of just how serious these two acts are, has created two divided worlds of people with a healthy conscious from those without a conscious at all; yet those without a healthy conscious are some of the most putrid human beings on the face of this earth and ironically, very much aware of their acts and intentions who continue to live amongst the rest of us who have to battle them on a consistent basis like an everlasting plague. Trying to keep up with the growing statistics can be a bit overwhelming and misleading which makes it even more infuriating when a case is unjustly.

As a woman, I have been sexually assaulted and harassed which has never left me feeling powerless, but enraged by the lack of respect for my personal space and body that men have felt entitled to disregarding. On a daily basis, I sleep with my ears clear of any and every noise, my eyes in every angle of vision and my reflexes ready to attack. I’m assertive in my presence and resilient in making sure that what once had happened will never happen again as my senses are forever amplified. I deliberately dress like a bum everyday while walking to work and yet it never seems to fail the unwanted whistles and disgusting remarks.

Although there are more cases around the world and levels to these heinous  acts and crimes that has us questioning the way of our human existence, one sure thing is that this type of evil will have their day in hell.


Recently, a controversial incident grabbed the attention of many which has triggered a media frenzy in regards to the subtle dismissal of rape culture. The People VS Turner case of a young woman being sexually assaulted and raped by a Stanford University swimmer, brought outrage when a light slap on the wrist sentence was given to the perpetrator by an even more questionable judge. The lack of integrity in the judges decision brings about even more potential harm to the already alarming rate of assaults across the globe. Many groups such as RSD, that I previously wrote about, and Return of Kings, shows that with a lack of empathy from knowledge, that a shrug of the shoulder only fuels and instigates further situations such as the case of Brock Turner and Aaron Persky who doesn’t even deserve his title in being acknowledged as a judge.

With so much anger and resentment circulating this story on every news channel and social media outlet, a secret feminist society has openly revealed themselves as the GRLCVLT whose main focus at this time is by taking Persky off the bench on top of fighting back against any issue that has seemed daunting over centuries of women’s rights. This group has become a force to be reckoned with their numbers of support growing at full speed.


The active organization created an event, FvckRapeCulture, this past Friday night in Los Angeles at Pour Vous that I attended with my publicist after finding it circulating through my friends list on Facebook.

After arriving thirty minutes after the doors had opened, I found an hour long line wrapped around the corner of the building where both men and women alike showed up to voice their concerns of a judicial system that seems to be flawed with bad apples enforcing an insulting verdicts. Organizers of the event as well as volunteers, set up a table of pins and letters while a clip board was being handed around in order to voluntarily sign a letter to the Commission on Judicial Performance of San Francisco.


Drink tickets were then handed out upon entrance and that’s when I realized that the outcry from this case had created such a positive reaction to the outreach of the community. The place was completely packed as I met up with my publicist Tierney who had arrived before me.

The bar was swarmed with guest as there was a crafty menu specifically made for this evening.


Making cleverly signature cocktails with titles that only seemed to fit the salty tears of either impotent male beings or those who show a lack of respect for a persons body and territory. While sexual assault isn’t just limited to the female species, I would assume that anyone who showed up could see that with strength in numbers, we were making a clear point.
Special performances of poets who shared their personal stories and read amongst the crowd showed the amount of strength that they had and were given by those who were there to be an open ear while having open hearts.


Performances by a stunning burlesque dancer filled the room with such beauty, elegance and grace showing the nature of a women’s body being her sole right to herself.

Outside on the patio area was a food truck serving crepes and garlic fries which was the worst decision preventing me from thoroughly speaking to other guest, but a chalkboard wall that was signed by guest allowed us to vocalize our freedom to speak in writing against the sexual violence and in protest of Turner and Persky. “Teach your sons the meaning of respect and boundaries “


Tierney and I were able to involve ourselves in something that could’ve been swept under the rug had it not of been for the integrity of those who saw a problem and chose to proactively solve it.

My opinions of this case and any other case involved in disregarding the actual victim is far more than my words could ever express. My opinion of those who coddle this man boy is even more mind boggling that links them to the same disgust I have for the rapist.

I was truly amazed by the responses this secret society has received and the positive feedback in regards to those at the top and other advocates that are seeking to get more involved so to make an example of a corruption based off of a privileged  alumni cohesion. Though this feminist group is no longer a secret but a bond of individuals who fight the fight with power aggressively having their voices being heard touring state to state. In light of this repulsive situation, we want the victim to know that we fight for her and with her as well as other survivors around the world to let them know that they are not alone.



for more information on how to become a voice go to YesMeansYes

“Consent is a mutual verbal, physical and emotional agreement that happens without manipulation, threats or had games. Consent is a whole body experience . Everyone has a right to sexuality without violence”.

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