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Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, and for many, beauty is only skin deep. That’s how some people perceive the idea of beauty that isn’t always seen at face value, but then there are those that find that by enhancing the outer appearance, that’s what sets the overall standards in tone. K Beauty has been hitting a new wave in the beauty market; while it’s nothing knew internationally, the U.S has recently gained insight as to what it really takes to have that magical glow under piles of make-up that can only temporarily increase the satisfactions that’s to be desired.

Making an Amber White/Rose scent personalized perfume

With beauty trends reaching an ultimate high, beauty bloggers and skin care fanatics are raving about the way that K beauty has seemingly planted its way into the hearts of those that live for a glow that’s as radiant as the sun. They crave for the look of smooth flawless skin where a “beat face” would have nothing on the I woke up like this factor. After reviewing the K beauty 10 steps beauty routine that shows an immense amount of consistence and patience all to maintain the perfect look, it does follow with a few push backs and deeper conversations that can appear to be tone deaf.

Korean skin care products and face mask by Grigie

Korean women and men, for centuries, have had a traditional way of looking at how Beauty is deemed fit for a sense of status in the eyes of society. It’s by way of culture, race and a how they may see the world from abroad; through social media, films and print. By the mass, young women have been expected to uphold a particular image that sets the tone for having a social status in society as well in their way of life. Sometimes, these expectations are so drastic to the point of shaping an entire face to resemble the next person and sometimes it’s by way of an obsession with the misconception that one ideal look is far more acceptable. Westernized beauty has always been the epitome of acceptance stemming from a form of prejudice and ignorance all across the world. While promoting one beauty as standard but devaluing another, hides the ugly reality that we just can’t seem to move past. Where beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can sometimes blind those same eyes with a myth and warped view on the different elements to what fits the mold of beauty. From there being racially insensitive commercials and ads with people of a certain race being considered at dirty all due to the misconception that Westernized features and characteristic traits are of better value. It comes to the question, is it inclusive to all.

“The K beauty market is highly advanced and innovative; particularly the skin care sector of the market.  It is both useful and welcoming.  The novel skin care appeals to and applies for broader demographics than the cosmetic wing, because it can improve diverse skin types. The cosmetic part of it is narrow, which is to be expected but is still disappointing.  The cosmetics sector prizes white skin – porcelain, alabaster, ivory – all versions of quite white.  That Korean ideal easily translate to a very narrow section of the American market. It will readily translate for some European heritage people and others who value whiteness, because Korean cosmetics present a singular image of White as the pinnacle of beauty.  As many American and some international brands are making efforts to expand the flesh-toned pigments of their basic ranges, no such parallel exists in K-beauty.  It feels particularly tone deaf to expand into America but only target those who have or desire White skin.  It excludes so many people of diverse backgrounds:  Asians, Latinos, European Americans, African Americans, etc.” – BA Beauty guru

Blessed Moon Korean Beauty Cosmetics

After attending the Mattson Global K beauty event in Downtown, I was introduced to the world of K beauty that has both gone under the radar as well as been a bit of a mystery to me. The event in itself was wonderful. There were flutes of champagne and tasty cupcakes. Displays of beauty products were all in our reach to admire and observe.

All my life I’ve been told that I have flawless skin due to the perfection in my melanin, but realistically, I don’t fit the ideal standards globally. Living in Korea town of Los Angeles, I don’t feel that many of the skin care boutiques and stores that are only blocks away from each other are all that inclusive to someone in my skin. It’s bad enough that I have to drive hours at a distance just to find beauty products that match the hue of my complextion for brands such as E.L.F, but where would I honestly find myself in the midst of a market that doesn’t market to the likes of me. Feeling comfortable in my own skin has been a process all on its own. Unlearning information that has been repetitively projected based off a warped views. Skin bleaching products that have a dark history as to why they came about in the first place, and a lack of products to include diversity beyond the shade of a brown paper bag, nontheless a mere flesh tone. Can I be faulted for asking these questions and not diving into all the hype?

After receiving a generous amount of products all in a gift box, majority of the items were skin care products and face masks. I wasn’t all that surprised when I found one item that advertised intensive skin whitening formula in order to brighten the skin. This is probably something I would’ve used when I was younger and going through a self-hating crisis, but now as an adult, I’m not sure how that message would translate in the times that we’re living in now; especially where now images are starting to reverse in the Westernized states. Young White women are now going to odd extremes to appear to look like me all for the sake of a disturbing façade and women who are me are being uplifted. The idea of looking whiter is now teeter tottering to the point of confusion. While there is more to this succeeding market, and I’ll be more than happy to try new innovative products to continue my youthful look, this will have to be a market to keep a closer eye out for.


Cheers to youthful radiant skin!



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